This is Chance in front with his two sisters, Abby and Halo. Chance is a rescue who unfortunately bounced from a home to a shelter 3 times before I rescued him. He is a wonderful boy and fit in with is sisters very nicely. I can only figure out 1 way that Chance bounced around from home to home so much; he is vocal. Let’s remind people not to obtain a Sheltie unless they understand that Shelties are active, interactive and vocal dogs. Chance is much less vocal now that he is secure. I just want to tell the world how much I love him.

What a little cutie, Terry!

Hugs for giving him a great home!

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  1. Terry Conlin

    Also, many people get Shelties and don’t understand how to work with and socialize them. Then sadly, they can end up in a shelter. Chance was well socialized though, I just think he was placed in the wrong homes.

  2. Sharon

    Good for you taking a chance on Chance! I volunteer at a shelter so I know people often don’t invest the time or energy into figuring out what type of dog would really be a good fit for them. Unrealistic expectations have been the downfall of many a dog. So glad that Chance now has an appreciative, loving home, Terry! Thanks for adopting. He is a cutie.

  3. Terry Conlin

    I will paraphrase and say “Shelties can be vocal”. Anyone who adopts a Dog should explore the breed before they decide to adopt. Chance is a sweetie he was just placed in the wrong homes.

  4. Lynne Grieco Leimberg

    So happy for him. He is so beautiful. But let me share my Sheltie is a rescue and says nothing!! He may cry a little when he’s hungry, but that’s it. At first we were worried but the. He barked outside! DOESNT RUN After squirrels or actually doesn’t run!! So don’t be put off and thing all Shelties are vocal❤️

  5. Sullivan

    What a great story and what BEAUTIFUL furbabies you have. Congratulations Terry for giving this sweet little guy a forever, you know the rewards will be more than you can count. No favorites here, Chance, Abby and Halo are all equal in the beauty/handsome department and have so much to offer. WTG Chance, waiting to find the right family to adopt was a smart move on your part, at last you know you have found your forever home and family. I wish you all many years of fun, happiness and all things Sheltie.

  6. Bobbie Pyron

    OMG! He looks like an Oreo cookie and milk! You are SO right, Terry, Chance was/is just doing what he was bred to do: protect and alert. Many people don’t understand that Shelties were originally bred to not only herd but to also protect the home and alert their master (of course, we all know THEY are the “master”) of trouble. Because they were on the windy, stormy Shetland Islands, their voice needed to carry, thus the piercing bark. HUGS to you for adopting and understanding!

  7. Lois Kelley

    dogs, not just Shelties are vocal, they are like their humans. they have a voice and like to share their opinion… so what. if people want a quiet dog, get a stuffed one. give me a real dog

    • Donna

      Amen! We don’t expect people’s children to be “silent” when playing in the yard, so why would we expect that from a dog. They have a right to speak the same as we do!

  8. Ruth Shoenthal

    Terry — you have such a wonderful family. They look like they’ve taken over your bed. You’ve got a real “three dog night.” Sleep well all of you.

  9. Gloria

    Bless you Terry for allowing Chance to have his forever home!
    He know now that you understand him and will cherish him.

    My Chance was a a rescue from a motel. No one wanted him for 6 months when I finally found him. God saved him for me to rescue and I know this is exactly what has happened with both of you.

    Yes, my boy Chance is vocal as well… I wish people understood how easy it is to train them… Just saying “enough or quiet” and he stops.

    Wishing you many years of happiness together… from my Chance to Yours!


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