9 Responses to “A Conversation Between Two Friends”

  1. Sue

    “Look, we have the same looking paws…”. I’m always telling my sheltie she has bunny paws because they’re so soft and tiny ;-)

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, that’s one of THE most adorable things I’ve ever seen!!!

  3. David Mac

    Kero: “Now whatever you do don’t get any chocolate on you for the next month or so. Remember me warning the turkey who disappeared in late November? Did he listen? No!!!!!!

  4. Sullivan

    Kero says, “Look into my eyes, I am the Sheltie so that makes me smarter, so that makes me the boss! #1 rule of the house: all dropped treats are for the boss . . . remember that and we will get along just fine!


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