Lexi and Pyper play on the rocks at Laguna Beach.


Lovely girls, Dawn!

Judy Goldman
Royal Photography

12 Responses to “Beach Girls!”

  1. Larissa Wilbur

    Hi everyone! New to the group! I have a 10 month old mix half pure Sheltie half pure mini Aussie. I am looking to hopefully breed him with either a Sheltie or mini Aussie & was wondering how I would go about that without going through like American kennel club or other website deals like that.

  2. Gloria

    Stunning image…

    As they say, if you are lucky enough to be by the beach, you are lucky enough!

    To add icing on the cake, Dawn owns two beautiful girls with Lexi and Pyper!

  3. Sullivan

    WOW Dawn, what a great way for your baby’s to get to have fun and enjoy a great day at the beach with mom. Lexi and Pyper are two gorgeous little girls and look at them both sporting those beautiful Sheltie smiles. Lucky, lucky you momma Dawn.

  4. Dawn Meyer

    Judy took this most extraordinary photo on a fun day at the beach…..love it sooooo much!!! Dawn…Lexi and Pyper’s mom…


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