Lacey likes to help her mom with the dishes.


Such blue eyes, Judy!

20 Responses to “Little Helper Blues”

  1. maida farrar

    Lacy, darling, you are really beautiful. I know your mom is happy to have you help her anytime. Keep it up!

  2. Ruth Shoenthal

    Lacey is beautiful. She looks very wistful: like she licked off all the plates and can’t understand why her mom put them in a machine.

    Can’t help it: I love blue merles. Quite a while ago, I adopted 2 blue merle sisters from New Jersey Sheltie Rescue and had a wonderful 8 years with them. As much as I love/adore my other shelties, my blue merle girls had a lock on beautiful. God bless and take care of all shelties (and all other animals, too).

    • Ruth Shoenthal

      If memory serves, there’s a book called Lacey Blue. It the story of a puppy mill (I think) Sheltie who, once adopted, had terrible emotional obstacles to overcome. In the end, all the hard work paid off and she had a very good life with her people.

  3. Gloria

    Such a sweet face you have Lacey!
    We know mom appreciates the help in the kitchen!

  4. Sullivan

    Best kitchen helpers there are, they just hope and pray someone drops a bite or two, they will sure be there for clean up! Sweet little Lacey gets more stunning every time I see her.


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