He is having a blast on his first trip to see the ocean.


My idea of a perfect day at the beach too, Ellen!

16 Responses to “Noah Takes The Beach!”

  1. Cara Bedner

    Jo Ransford, isn’t great having a sheltie on the beach? We love we taking our sheltie to the beach (since she was a pup!) She does fine whether it is warm or cold but we don’t go in the water if cold. If I think it’s cold she won’t touch the water.
    I don’t think their legs should be stiff though (hers wasn’t) anytime after spending time on the beach. Sore joints may be why. I suggest asking your vet.

  2. Sullivan

    You call this Noah takes the Beach . . . I call this the July Calendar money shot. What a little stunner your Noah is Ellen, I can already picture the gorgeous adult he is going to be. Wishing you long happy years of everything Sheltie with your companion BFF.

  3. Gloria

    What an absolutely stunning image with Noah mid step on the beach.

    Just breathtaking!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful image.

  4. Jo

    Wow, what a cutie! Noah is enjoying himself at the beach, hopefully this is the first trip of many for him to the ocean. I bet he’s going to grow into a gorgeous boy too, love his coloring already.

  5. Jo Ransford

    Does anyone find their sheltie has stiff legs after being in sea? Last year he really struggled. It was october uk. This time it is june uk. Do you think warmer weather may help?????


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