Despite not being able to walk down the hill to the park on her own due to arthritis in both legs, once carried down Dee Dee has the best time wandering and pondering :)


Awe you take such good care of her, Grace!

8 Responses to “Pondering Pup”

  1. Larry QueMan Gerber

    I’ve had shelties for over 40 years of my life and love them tremendously. Our Corey sheltie passed away in January and miss him so much it still hurts! Will get another for sure, someone needs to herd the back 40! Great dogs for sure!

  2. Gloria

    How sweet!!!
    Thanks for making life so easy for DeDe!
    You can see on her sweet face how much she enjoys it!

    We will go to the ends of the earth to keep our pups healthy and happy!!!

  3. Marcie Muir

    That is so nice to carry her so she can enjoy some nature time! Dee Dee is one beautiful senior Sheltie! I love her big smile.

  4. Holly Tremblay

    Our past Sheltie used to have problems with the stairs and I would carry her down. She was such an indignant old lady. That was after we watched her miss the last three steps, thank goodness the stairs were carpeted. Will see where life with our current sheltie takes us, but Shay is only six at the moment, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you for taking good care of our furry friends.

  5. Ed Holm

    I used to love helping our Gilley Dog get up and down. He seemed so happy to have the help and really appreciate it

  6. Sullivan

    Awe Grace, Dee Dee appreciates you being such a wonderful pet mommy. When our sweet little seniors can no longer do for themselves, then it is such an honor to be able to do for them. They have given us so much for so long that we are all too ready to give back, to keep them as happy and as comfortable as they’ve made us for as long as we can. Hugs and kisses to this precious little soul and maybe Dee Dee wouldn’t mind if you snuck in an extra cookie. Wishing you and Dee Dee many more years of happiness and togetherness with your heart companion.


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