6 Responses to “Snowball With Feet”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Here in “no snow” Beaverton, Oregon,,,, I remember my sweethearts in past years coming in with snowpuffs like this! I wish we would have just a couple days of snow! Not fair. My two little boys would definitely love it. And so would I!!!

  2. Anita Horton

    Our Chelsey pup always had that problem on her beautiful paws! Boots helped… If they stayed on but still snow balls on her tummy!

  3. Jean Williams Turner

    My Sheltie, Miss Fancy, hated the type of snow that stuck to her like that. It would get between her toes and hurt so bad she would just lay down. I carried her in from potty time many times when we lived in Massachusetts. Don’t have those issues in Florida and we don’t miss it.

  4. Gloria

    Poor little Cooper INDEED!!!!
    What a cutie!
    How the heck do you get those out of his fur?

  5. Sullivan

    I think Cooper is saying OK, you’ve had your fun and you’ve taken the picture, now would you PLEASE get this stuff off me? Denise, Cooper sure is a handsome little man, I love that face and those little eyes look like they could be very expressive. Yes we know the eyes are the window to the soul and that is never more true than when you are looking into the eyes of a Sheltie.


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