Please find attached the newest member of our pack. Our Heidi is on the right and Roxy is, of course, on the left. We just adopted her from the Indiana Sheltie Rescue. She is a Sheltie mix and about 4 yrs old. Her foster mother tells us that she was neglected and abused. Puppy Love came yesterday afternoon and groomed both of the girls and we think that this is the first time that Roxy has felt clean, warm and dry. We cuddled as a pack all night long. We still have some trust issues, but she follows me around all over the house. Both girls seem to be getting along well and still in the “wanna be my friend” stage. Please welcome Roxy and keep her in your prayers that she learns her forever home will be lots of love and caring.


Hugs to you for adopting, Chris!


9 Responses to “Squeaky Clean and Loved!”

  1. Marcie Muir

    Roxy is beautiful! Her coloring & coat are unique w/the pom in her. And Heidi is behaving like a perfect new sister, making space for her new bestie. These two are destined to have lots of fun times together- have they been on any walkies yet? Safe, secure walks are one of the fastest ways to make a new dog fall in love with their family, at least that’s been our experience. We have a Roxy too who is also a rescue girl, she’s merle.

    Congrats on the newest addition, and hugs for adopting!

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    What a wonderful story! Heidi will have the wonderful “job” of showing dear Roxie that people can be loving and trust-worthy. Hugs and blessings for adopting!

  3. Chris Morphew

    Roxy went to see her forever vet, Dr. Amy, last Friday and we believe that Dr. Amy quessed Roxy heritage correctly. Roxy is a sheltie/pomeranian mix thus the red coat. She is a sweetie and is now giving kisses. The tail isn’t wagging yet….but we are making progress along with the potty training. Roxy is our 4th sheltie and first adoption. What a rewarding feeling to save just one fur baby.

  4. Gloria

    Bless you Chris for adopting little Roxy!

    We know that with Heidi and your help, Roxy will be able to find love and trust with the warm comforts of her new forever home!

  5. Sullivan

    WAHOO Chris, WTG and big kudos for bringing this sweet baby in and giving her a new, warm and loving forever home, where she will never again know neglect and abuse. I will keep you, your family and especially little Roxie in my thoughts and prayers that she will learn very quickly that there is no better place for her to be. Kisses, hugs and cookies


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