20 Responses to “The Pom-tastic Sheltie Photo!”

    • Debbie

      Actually, the Shelties are as small as the Pom- LOL! My Pom is 6 pounds, my Shelties are (in order) 13#, 13# , 9# and 22# :-)

  1. Sullivan

    I think this is just about the cutest fur family I have ever seen. My guess is because the Shelties are such kind and gentle souls, they just let Pepsi “think” he is ruler, they don’t want hurt feelings. Debbie, you certainly have a beautiful pack of furbaby’s, no doubt it can get quite busy at your house from time to time, but just look at all the love you get on a daily basis . . . lucky you. Hoping you enjoy all the love and companionship for many years to come.


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