Can you believe that this Sheltie was found wandering as a stray with a bullet in his hip?  Let’s help this little senior Sheltie find a home! He is currently up for adoption with Sheltie Rescue of Utah. Here is what his foster mom says about him.

rio1Rio is adorable looking and adorable acting. Once you meet him you’ll know how empty your life is without a cutie like this old boy. Rio is a senior boy around 10 years old or older but he is filled with such joy that you can’t help but feel great around him. He LOVES to cuddle. He likes to lay on my couch. He’s fascinated with our cat but doesn’t do anything to hurt her. He likes to follow her around and stare at her. He also likes to talk to her but we discourage that (barking). Rio has a little boy bark…not shrill…but softer than a typical bark.

Whether you have 6 months or 6 more years with Rio in your life, you wouldn’t regret adopting him for even a moment because he brings so much into any relationship. You know how some of your friends build you up and are positive people and others are not? Rio is like one of those great friends who can always see the positive side of things.

Rio was picked up as a stray by the Humane Society who turned him over to Sheltie Rescue. They would normally euthanize him because he is at least 10 years old and was not neutered. He is neutered now. I suspect he was used to breed. He has no teeth at all which tells me that someone was taking him for regular dentals and he needed all of his teeth pulled. When our vet checked him we found that he had a terrible skin infection which we’re treating him for with common antibiotics. That infection is clearing up beautifully.

rio2I gave Rio a medicated bath and when I did it became obvious that Rio is quite used to being bathed and groomed. At some point in this boy’s life someone took excellent care of him. We have no idea what caused him to lose his caring family and become a stray that was picked up by Salt Lake Humane.

For more information about Rio and to look into adopting him please go to and fill out our Application for Adoption. Rio’s adoption fee is only $100.00 but you’ve got to have a great home for a little old joyous Sheltie-boy, to adopt him.  :)

23 Responses to “Utah Sheltie Rescue: Rio”

  1. Karen Madsen

    My, what a story Rio has to tell. Bless his heart. I hope he finds his forever home very soon. He looks like a little heart stealer.

  2. Maida Farrar

    Little sweet Rio, you are just adorable! I hope someone has decided you are the one by now and will be there soon for you. I adopted my precious little Angie Love when she was 10. She lived to be 16 years, 6 months and 21 days and was my very best friend for all that time. I pray you will live just as long, darling little boy. I am sending hugs and kisses to you. God bless and help you.

    Maida and my two sweet Shelties, Christopher and Ritchie

  3. Rick Bywater

    If you haven’t found a family for Rio, I woud be happy to take him into mine, I have 2 shelties, 1 female at 11 yrs old and a male that is 2 1/2 yrs old, if you think that would be a good home for him let me know.Thanks.

  4. Karen

    Oh my. What a face! I wish I was closer to UT, now, as I would scoop him right up! He’d fit right in with my two, who are also rescues, and close to his age.

  5. Julie McDermott

    Oh Rio, that face just melts me. So wish I could bring you home, I would in a heartbeat. Prayers you find your forever home soon. Enjoy all the love, belly rubs and all the goodness you deserve.

  6. Bobbie Pyron

    I adopted both of my sheltie boys from Sheltie Rescue of Utah, and I do volunteer work for them. I’ve had the great good fortune to meet and cuddle little Rio. He is truly a little ray of sunshine! You’d never know he’s as old as he is! He’s been in the excellent care of SRU for the past year and has really blossomed. No matter how much longer he has on this earth (and who of us can truly say?), he would be such a wonderful companion!

    • Karen

      I reaaaally wish I was closer, lol. He is a doll, I’m sure someone will adopt him soon. Who could say no to that happy little face?

  7. Caitlin Glenn

    What a sweetie. I would love to take him if I had my own home instead of renting. He would make an ideal companion for my significant other and myself as well as my own eight year old sheltie girl. I hope and pray he gets a forever home soon.

  8. Paige Thomas

    That seems to be the Sheltie way . . . my two pups are often the ones that remind me how to be loving, fun, kind, peaceful, compassionate, friendly. . . Praying Rio finds that special place. Wish Utah was not so far away?! So happy he was found by the right rescue:)

  9. Dana Gator-Hunter

    Sadly, I’m not surprised Rio was a stray.
    I just adopted a less than 2 yr old sheltie from a kill shelter
    that was a stray too :/ Poor baby was underweight, filthy and his coat was so badly matted & neglected the shelter cut his hair back. Thankfully he’s doing wonderful with me now, eating a proper diet and is as happy as a clam !
    Praying Rio is placed in a loving forever -he deserves it, all dogs do.

  10. Sullivan

    Oh my goodness, would you just look at that sweet little senior face. I sure hope he finds his forever home soon. Hang in there little Rio, I hope that your forever family is just around the corner and will be there soon. Hugs and Kisses sweet little baby.


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