Daphne wanted to do something to “pay it forward” after being adopted, so she and I became a therapy team and a READING PAWS team. We visit with children in an elementary school and Daphne listens to them read. She just loves it!


Hugs to you for adopting her, Mary!

7 Responses to “Cute Therapy!”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    Hugs to you both for volunteering and to you, Mary, for adopting! READ Dogs are the best! We had them in the library system where I worked. The kids were SO adorable and earnest reading to the dogs. I’d recommend A DOG’S WAY HOME since it’s about a sheltie :)

  2. Gloria

    You go Daphne!
    Congrats on your adoption and paying it forward!

    Thanks for your contribution to help kids read!

  3. Sullivan

    Your little Daphne is beautiful Mary. Kudos to you for adopting, she now knows she is in a safe, loving place and will never want for anything again. What a way for team Daphne to pay it forward, both she and the children get to benefit, WTG!


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