Misti Blue is ready for her close up.

(Maybe because we tell her all the time, but I think she knows she is cute.)


What a sweet face, Robin!

19 Responses to “Isn’t She Lovely?”

    • Robin

      Misti Blue will be 4 yrs in June, she is a Tiny girl about 11 – 12 lbs. She is super , cute , but very feisty !!!! Brings lots of joy fun and excitement to our lives every day !!!

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    Misty Blue is so beautiful she made my heart melt. She looks so trusting and content. Lucky you Robin. I’m sure she’s an absolute joy.

  2. Gloria

    The answer is a resounding YES!
    Misti Blue has a beautiful name as well as a beautiful face!
    I know her heart and soul is beautiful as well…
    Lucky you Robin!

  3. Sullivan

    Oh my goodness Robin, what a little beauty Misti Blue is. As she struts her stuff, she will be the envy of the neighborhood. This will one day be one stunning little lady.


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