Kibble? Check

Soft bed and a toy? Check

Chewy bone? Check

Attention? Hellooooo? Anyone?


What a super cutie, Jocelyn!

13 Responses to “Puppy Pout?”

  1. Sharon

    Gosh, how could you even keep your hands OFF this little cutie? Sheltie puppies are just the most awwwwwwww – inducing critters out there!

  2. Sullivan

    We always say that no one does guilt better than a Sheltie, especially a puppy. Just look at those eyes, this poor baby is trying to make you believe that she is so unloved and dejected, however since it looks like mom has taken her to work I don’t think the look is working as well as she would like. Fortunately, we ALL have been there and do know better. Unfortunately all she has managed to pull off is a ton of cute-a-tude. What a gorgeous little furbaby Jocelyn.

  3. Hanne

    I really love both – the funny comments :-) and of course the pic of such a sweet heart


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