Looks like Knuckle has a GOOD case of The Mondays!


We can’t help but smile back, Jim!

11 Responses to “The Power Of A Smile”

  1. Jim

    Thank you people. Our Knuckle is a happy baby boy. We are delighted and thankful to have Knuckle with us. He has brought so much laugh and happiness to us. No matter how hard the outside world is, we are comforted and relieved after receiving Knuckle’s big hug and big kisses (sometimes are french kisses) when we get home. And I am greatful that this picture brings some smile to everyone of you.

  2. Sullivan

    What a gorgeous furbaby your Knuckle is Jim, I love these eyes, the big Sheltie grin and I can see this baby’s tail waggin’ a mile a minute! This sure does look to be one happy baby, how much fun it must be around your house to share space with this beauty.


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