10 Responses to “Who wants to go (fill in the blank)?”

  1. Marcie Muir

    Hmmm, I wonder where these two cuties are headed moments after this shot was taken. They don’t look upset so I’m not guessing they’re going to the ‘V. E. T.’, maybe they’re headed to the park or for Pupsicles ice cream, or perhaps just a spring walk to walk off those Easter eggs? Wherever they go, they’re going to be the two cutest Shelties there!

  2. Sullivan

    WHAT? Did I hear somebody say GO? We’re there! I love the looks in Spot and Spanky’s eyes, they are both so ready. As we all well know, you are never out of your Sheltie’s eye sight, so don’t think for one second that you are sneaking out that door! These are two such beautiful furbaby’s, pmnmnjoo, I know you are so proud.


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