I now have this strange urge to take a nap too.


Awe Gloria, Logan and Jasmine look so sweet together.

7 Responses to “Sleepy Friends”

  1. Sullivan

    Your furbaby’s are so beautiful together, Logan quite the handsome little lad, and just look at that gorgeous little senior face, what a sweetheart and who is baby #3 that just snuck in to the picture, bottom left corner? How lucky are you Gloria to have all of this love and companionship in your life?

    • Gloria

      That would be Mr. Chance as #3 in the lower left corner!

      Yes, indeed…
      I am truly blessed to have these dear souls in my life!

      Thanks for the kind words everyone!

      Have a happy and safe Memorial Day! Thanks to all the past and current troops who keep us safe and allow us our precious freedom!

      God bless America!


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