JW Blue and Stoli doing a cute Blues Brothers tribute!

Both dogs were from adopted from Sheltie rescue.


Hugs for giving them a great home, Becky!

16 Responses to “The REAL ‘Blues’ Brothers!”

  1. Becky Timm Koutnik

    Awe, thanks everyone!!!! Lost my boy (sticking his tongue out) a year ago – he was my first rescue and my soul dog. My other boy also from rescue, is a MACH5 now!!! Everyone called them “twins” becuz unless you really knew them, they did really look alot alike. Love my Blues!!! <3

  2. carla

    Now that is the cutest Blue Brothers, ever. I love how one of them has their tongue out;)

  3. Sullivan

    Jake and Elwood, welcome back! Just like sassy “Jake” to be hamin’ for the camera! What two handsome fellas you have Becky, kudos and a BIG HUG and thank you for adopting these sweet souls. That is a great picture of your two very beautiful furbabies. Rock on!

  4. Rosemary James

    Thank you for the cutest and most imaginative picture of blues I have seen. I have three blues, I think I may copy you for a picture of my own. Beautiful boys and so patient for you. I work with Norcal Sheltie Rescue. I know how important it is to find a great home for our fur babies, Looks like these guys have it with you.

  5. Bobbie Pyron

    LOL! Best photo ever! Those are two cool shelties. Hugs to you for adopting!


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