Austin and Roxy want to know what’s going on on the other side of that door!


They look like mischief, Kristy! :)

11 Responses to “We’re Watching You!”

  1. Sullivan

    We all know NOTHING gets past a Sheltie and certainly nothing as insignificant as a door! I don’t think there is anything else on Earth that is as nosy as our Shelties, they feel they MUST know everything that goes on and that they must be in the center of everything and will do what it takes to put themselves there . . . the proof is in Kristy’s picture. Having said that, I love these baby’s, just look at Austin and Roxy’s soulful little eyes, they seem to be saying, “We just want to be where you are, can we come in, please?”

  2. Gloria

    Austin and Roxy are as cute as they can be!
    What absolutely sweet faces!


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