This is Remmi, a rescue from NJ Sheltie Rescue.
The sun was setting and she was patiently waiting for dinner.


Hugs for adopting such a cutie, Laura & Walt!

7 Responses to “A Portrait In Sheltie Perfection”

  1. Ruth Shoenthal

    Remmi and the photo are perfection. The lighting is beautiful. The mood of the photo and the look on Remmi’s speak to the contentment and safety he now feels. NJ Sheltie Rescue is a wonderful organization. I have adopted 3 beauties from them. I send kudos to all rescue people and organizations. Saving lives and finding wonderful forever homes for all those sweet souls is definitely God’s work.

  2. Christine Anderson

    Gorgeous picture and gorgeous girl. Looks like a true sweetheart.

  3. Gloria

    Congrats Remmi on finding your new forever home!
    Laura and Walt, thanks so much for being rescue parents!!! Bless you!

    What a lovely image…

    Wishing you both many more special images of your new pup in the future to share with us on Sheltie Nation!

  4. Sullivan

    Perfection? You could not have titled this shot with a better title, this little baby is absolutely beautiful and I love the patience in her eyes. Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet little soul, you may have rescued Remmi but who is the real winner here?


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