When we were out mulching, we couldn’t help but to get Bruno involved.


(Apparently he loves being outside and being squirted by the hose too!)

Looks like a fun day, Kevin and Linda!

21 Responses to “Buy a Bag of Mulch. Get a Free Sheltie”

  1. Kevin & Linda Kuros

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Bruno (like all shelties) is a very loyal dog and follows us around the house wherever we go.

  2. Christine Anderson

    What a devoted helper. I could use a couple more although I already have three!

  3. Kelly E McClanahan

    A while back, I got two Shelties for free. Dory and Noah. The people we got them from had paid something like $1300-1500 for Dory, and $70) or something for Noah.

  4. Sullivan

    Wow Kevin and Linda, how lucky you are to get to shop at the “Sheltie Garden Shop”, I’m not fortunate enough to have one of stores in my area. Bruno looks like he gets in the way plenty, oops! I mean looks like he is very helpful with the planting. Love his wet, wavy look! Helps a boy to say cool during that hot job!

  5. Clark

    Those Shelties just got to be with their people all the time, want a shadow, get a Sheltie.


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