Noah enjoys a nap on his human’s easy chair.


Of course he get’s the chair right, Kelly? :)

10 Responses to “Groggy Doggy”

  1. Sullivan

    We Sheltie owners know that when there is a human, a sheltie and a recliner, the human will lose EVERY TIME! At least that’s the way it worked at my house! But like everyone else, I didn’t care, she was comfortable and that was all that mattered. Noah by the way, is one gorgeous little man and just too stinkin’ cute!!

  2. Christine Anderson

    What a peaceful looking sleep. Doesn’t look like he has much to worry about in life. Sweet baby!

  3. Kelly E McClanahan

    This is Noah (No nose, or no-no), one of my two shelties. By the way — he snores, I do not know how that little nose can make such a load snore — but he does.

  4. P. Price

    We’ve all heard the expression that the most comfortable chair in the house belongs to the cat, but when there’s a Sheltie in the house that isn’t always true & where there is a Sheltie and a feline friend they often share ownership,


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