8 Responses to “Hey! Is That Your New Toy?”

  1. Beverly

    thanks everyone. Deacon is 9 months old; a real sweetie. Loved his Wubba so much it is now destroyed; on to another one! Sullivan; he is definitely a character; very active and happy puppy. Love to play catch and run around the back yard.

  2. Gloria

    Deacon looks so proud of his new toy!
    What a handsome boy he is!
    He certainly looks like he wants hour attention to play!

  3. Sullivan

    Look up drop dead gorgeous in the dictionary and this picture will pop up. Such a beautiful little love! From the eyes, Deacon looks like he is really a little character and lots of fun to spend time with. Lucky you Beverly, I think I’m jealous! An extra kiss and hug today from me please.


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