My son rescued this kitten the other day as she was running down the highway. We planned to find her a good home, but Finn adores her. I suppose we just must keep her!


They are both adorable, Heather!

13 Responses to “She’s a Keeper!”

  1. Sharon

    Oh my gosh there is no way you can break up this pair. My heart just melted looking at this photo. All our Shelties have been good with cats. Our Faith and her kitty Mario are good buddies, too.

    Finn is a sweetie to take in this orphan kitty!

  2. Robin

    After seeing this photo I think you definitely should keep that kitty!! :-)

  3. Sullivan

    WTG Heather and kudo’s to your son as well. The little kitty looks so content with her new BFF and it looks as if Finn agrees. That is a wonderful thing that you did for that sweet little baby who, otherwise would have probably had a pretty rough life of nothing but litter after litter, so thank you for your unselfish act of kindness.


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