Toby is waiting and watching for his dad to come home from work. He does this every day.

Toby takes this “job” very seriously and he is very good at it!

You going to tell him it’s Saturday, Sharon? ;)

18 Responses to “SOMEONE Is Waiting For You!”

  1. M.V. Robinson

    Sharon thanks for sharing the photo of Toby; he is such a handsome boy!
    Vikki (M.R.)

  2. Sullivan

    Notice how well that door is being guarded? Nothing or no one is getting past this security . . . but Toby is so durn cute who would want too? Isn’t unconditional love the most wonderful thing?

  3. Gloria

    Toby is one dedicated sheltie!
    It is so interesting to see how their internal clock works!

    I have my sisters sheltie for doggie daycare and she always waits at the doggie gate about 30 minutes prior to my sisters arrival.

    Love these dogs! So endearing!
    Don’t worry Toby… dad will arrive any minute now!


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