We did not rescue, we were rescued by Lord Ralph of Lilliput. He was from a mill and was only 3lbs when we got him at 10 weeks old. Weeks of medications, long nights, early mornings and “new mommy” fears were worth it. He is smart, sassy, adorable, crazy and perfect for our family.


Hugs for giving him a loving home, Nancy!

9 Responses to “Who Rescued Who?”

  1. Tabitha Tinsley

    What a cutie, so wonderful what you did for him. He looks strikingly similar to my baby girl, Ida. Who knows, we could be sheltie cousins! ;)

  2. Gloria

    BLESS YOU on the adoption of Lord Ralph of Lilliput!
    I can only imagine the love you both feel since you found each other…
    You can read it on his adorable and sweet face.

    Many years of love together…


    Love that face !!! What a gift you received !!! Many happy years for you all ahead!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Mary Wagner

    What a sweet face, just adorable. I am so glad you rescued him from a horrible life. All your hard work will definitely pay off with him in your life

  5. Sullivan

    My, my, my! Look at that sweet, gorgeous little face.

    The name is perfect, Lord Ralph of Lilliput is just so regal looking and from your description I can tell he is already a very loved, spoiled little baby. KUDO’S to you Nancy and your family for saving this sweet little soul, you already know you will get that love back 100 fold. Lucky you!


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