After losing Aggie to lymphoma (she was thirteen and a half years young), I thought it was the right time to bring another Sheltie into my life—not to replace Aggie but to continue the joys of sharing life with a Sheltie. This is Tess (Theresa Marie) named for one of my aunts who was particularly feisty. She has two speeds: asleep and hypersonic! I managed to capture her in the former mode.


What a cutie pie, Ken! Congrats to you!

8 Responses to “Current Sheltie Puppy Gear: ZZZZZZZ”

  1. Rosemary Jamess

    She is beautiful. I am wishing for you many wonderful years together. I tried to live without a Sheltie when I lost mine. I couldn’t do it my life is too ingrained with Shelties.

  2. P. Price

    Another Sheltie is always a good idea. It’s not if, it’s just when you’re aching heart is ready to share life with another one. We have to be honest. They are addictive & a house without a Sheltie in it can feel very empty & lonely. Good for you! You have another Sheltie to share your life & build more memories with. I hope you have many wonderful years together!

  3. Sullivan

    Congratulations Ken, by bringing Tess into your family, you well know you have just added a whole life time of fun, unconditional love, all things Sheltie, not to mention your new your new companion and BFF! Enjoy! The fun has just begun!


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