“What kind of puppeh is right for my garden?”

“Well, a Sheltie is always a lovely choice.”


Dutchess looks like such a sweetie, Darryl!

4 Responses to “More S.N. Gardening Tips!”

  1. Marcie Muir

    I have just the spot for this Sheltie seedling! Okay, maybe it’s in my arms, but still, it’s the prefect place for this adorable girl. I could find a spot in the front beds too if necessary. Waiting for Darryl to get back to me lol. She is just gorgeous.

  2. Gloria

    Such a beauty is Dutchess! Lovely sweet face!
    Mahogany coloring makes her look so regal too.
    She is making sure everything is in the right place.

    Good job little girl.

  3. Sullivan

    Aw-w-w Darryl, look at that most beautiful little senior face, her beautiful smile and those sweet little eyes that seem to be most alert and loving her job . . . she has found the perfect position to conduct her “straw bossin’ duties from”. And she is stylin’ and profilin’ all at the same time in her fancy set of wheels! Girl can’t ask for much more than that!


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