8 Responses to “Well, HELLO There, Midaa!”

  1. Beckah Goff

    He is such a sweetie I love him so much. He is about 15 weeks old now. He has been too two celtic festivals and one small family reunion. Midas is such a doll. He loves driving my brother’s hound insane.

  2. Natalie Arnold

    Sweet baby! We had two precious shelties but had to give them up as we moved out of the country. But I’m glad because it turns out they have better lives now with their new families than we could ever give them. Sure do miss them though!

  3. Rosemary James

    I wish you many years of happiness and joy with your blue merle. Midaa face is so inquisitive and beautiful. I have two blue merle’s a female and a male. Their personalities are very different from the sable and whites.

  4. Gloria

    Welcome home little one!
    We will be expecting more pictures of you on Sheltie Nation Midas!

  5. Sullivan

    Oh my goodness, what a beauty! I see the light fuzzies, the cute tipped ears and the eyes, at least for right now, look to be just a little hesitant, but that will quickly change and you new BFF will emerge! Congratulations Rebecca on your new baby.


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