21 Responses to “When it’s HOT…”

  1. TinaB

    Beau is a smart and gorgeous boy! My Sean has been hogging the AC vent in my bedroom lately…

  2. Penny Weining

    Funny, I have the same photo of our Sheltie Joey (in fact, many!) from our visits to Grandpa. I know he wishes our vents were on the floor, too!

  3. P. Price

    My Andy (now a Sheltie Angel) always did that. He always chose the floor outlet by the back door which was also at the end of our kitchen. That way he didn’t miss anyone coming in from or going to the garage or the kitchen while staying cool!

  4. Caitlin Glenn

    Now, that’s cute. My sheltie loves our enclosed front porch in the mornings. By afternoon I’m getting a look that says, “Mom, turn on the air conditioning already.”

  5. Rosemary Maiellaro

    Now that sweetheart knows how to stay cool, our Sheltie does the same thing under the table and in the bathroom on the cool tile and in front of the floor vent under the vanity! very smart dogs :-)

    • Gloria

      OMG! My Chance does the EXACT same thing!
      He lays in the bathroom on the cool tile with the vent blowing directly on him!

      Beau is so cute looking like I should have added a DO NOT DISTURB sign!
      Stay cool my little friend!

  6. Sullivan

    Smart, cute AND these baby’s do not mind one bit being vent hogs! They are all about the comfort and as long as they are, in their sharp little minds, that is all that matters. Since as pet parents it is our jobs too spoil them, we pretty much let them have their own ways. George, your little Beau is one handsome fella and I think that look says . . . yeah! and I ain’t movin’! NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA!!


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