Someone was a tad upset the door was closed. ;)

bentleyteeth(He was just poking his nose through a opening and his face was smushed, but he still kept it there.  No angry Sheltie!)
His teeth look great, Kristen. Haha!

10 Responses to “Don’t Be So Dramatic”

  1. Gloria

    Oh my, what a hysterical image!
    So unusual to see… we know our shelties never get mad… right Kristen?

    This stance might come in handy one day if you ever need to brush those pearly whites!

  2. Rosemary Maiellaro

    Mine did that when he was ready to come out of his crate when he was little, he didn’t want to be in there anymore, he would grab the door and shake it, that was enough to say it’s time that he was ready to sleep outside the crate, he was only in it durning the night while in the process of potting training him. But he does love to go in there when we take road trips!
    He is almost always dramatic LOL.

  3. Sullivan

    If this is NOT an upset Sheltie, I’d sure hate to see his mad face! Either way, he is still a cutie pie because we can look beyond the “angry” and see the silliness this baby is sharing for the camera!


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