This amazing event took place in Sweden in 2011.


(I love the Sheltie sleeping right in the middle of all the hubbub!)

Holly cow, Marie! What an event that was!

42 Responses to “Greetings from Sheltie Camp!”

  1. Maida Farrar

    I noticed the one in the middle supposedly sleeping right off. I think she needs someone to love her right now! I will take her and give her lots and lots of loving. I picked out three others that I would love to have too. Of course, I could just jump in and love ALL of them! I love Shelties so much. I have two at home now but it seems I could have a lot more living here. I wish I could be at this camp too. Lucky people.

  2. Richard Dodson

    Day 1 curriculum–how to bark and run in circles. Day 2–how to protect owners from UPS delivery guy and vacuum cleaners. Day 3–how to beg for more food after eating fifteen minutes ago. Day 4–how to raise ears and smile for pictures

  3. Jamie Tunney Nugent

    A sheltie camp would be so awesome! I love the sheltie in the center of the picture, totally relaxed & sleeping? And then the ones on the right who are focused on the man that might have some treats! Great photo!

    • Scott

      I’ve counted 44-48, but each time I try, I get distracted by how cute they are :)

  4. robertjm

    So funny how the one in the middle of the photo looks like they’re sleeping as if to say, “Ho hum. Why is it so crowded?”

  5. Gloria

    Sheltie Nirvana!

    Now that is one event I would not want to miss!

    Wonder how many other breeds would allow this many together in one place.
    That is why I love shelties so much!

    Tolerant, sweet, kind, devoted, loyal, I could go on… but we all know how great they are!

  6. Sullivan

    This is so far past beautiful and absolutely AMAZING that they were able to get ALL of these sweet fur baby’s to sit at once and pose for this great picture. If EVER there was a calendar shot, this would be it.


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