Nothing gets past watchful Link!


He looks comfy while working, Marie! :)

12 Responses to “I’m a Watchdog!”

  1. Kelly E McClanahan

    All (4) of our Shelties have been “watch dogs”, and are looking out the picture window most of the time. The best one was Sandy, he would “prop” himself up against something. Noah is the funniest, however, he will jump up into the chair, and if he goes too fast he goes over the arm, and head first into the trash can.

  2. Christine Anderson

    Our Maggie does this as well. She always sounds the alarm way before anyone is even in sight. Amazes me how she does this. She is always right though! Cute picture:-)

  3. Gloria

    Link is one great watch dog!
    Getting just the right high angle to see everything!
    What a beauty he is too!

  4. Sullivan

    Good job, Link! We know not so much as an ant sneaks past those eagle eyes and isn’t it great that he works for just for the satisfaction of momma’s approval. Of course, if you offer him a cookie or two I bet he doesn’t turn them down! What a handsome boy Marie, lucky you to share heart and home with this sweet little soul.


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