Penny woke up from her morning nap and wanted to play ball.

I work from home and get this look quite often!


How on earth do you get anything done, Larry! :)

5 Responses to “Hey! You Wanna Play Or Something?”

  1. Gloria

    No one, and I mean NO ONE could resist that pleading face!
    Penny has the sweetest face and most soulful eyes!

    OK Larry…
    You have our permission to take a break to play ball with Penny!

  2. Sullivan

    Come play with me daddy, ple-e-ea-s-se! I promise, if you play with today I will let you work tomorrow . . . wink, wink!!

    Larry, if you can ignore that adorable little face and those sweet, soulful little eyes, your better at this than I am! Sheltie guilt is a powerful thing!


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