Deacon: I had a great day at the salon!


What a cutie pie, Beverly!

4 Responses to “I Feel so Fluffy!”

  1. Beverly

    A little clown is a great description of Deacon; he keeps us entertained and loves to play fetch! Mischievous; of course; part of being a Sheltie. Thanks for your kind words..

  2. Jan

    And you look SO good. I bet you feel nice and soft and smell great too! Lots of hugs for you.

  3. Sullivan

    What a little beauty your Deacon is Beverly! Your baby has the total package for me, tipped ears, beautiful white fluffy rough, shiny attentive eyes and of course, last but not least that gorgeous signature Sheltie smile. He looks like a little clown full of just the right amount of mischievousness! Enjoy your days with your handsome little man!


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