sableangelblueWe have been working hard behind the scenes this year and are finally ready to roll out the new Sheltie Angels section of Sheltie Nation! It has been a long time coming, but now there is a place where everyone can leave a lasting online memorial to their beloved Sheltie.

It is 100% free to leave a basic memorial. There is also the ability for anyone in this community to leave a memorial candle for anyone else’s angel. Each angel page and all memorial candles will be moderated before release, so there is no chance for spam.  We are also offering a paid upgrade option to include a photo gallery of your angel, if you choose.

It is a brand new section, so there are not a lot of memorials just yet, so please create one! If you have any suggestions, contribution suggestions or general feedback we would love to hear from you.

8 Responses to “It’s Finally Here! Sheltie Angels”

  1. Mary Wagner

    what a wonderful idea Kelly. This is a very thoughtful thing to do for people. They will greatly appreciate being able to do this

    • Kelly

      Just click the “search” button without filling in the range and you will see all the angels that have been created.

  2. Linda

    Thank you. This is a great idea. Although all the Sheltie lovers will need to have a box of tissues close.

  3. Chris

    How kind and thoughtful of you, Kelly! Thank you — and I hope your angel baby is the very first!

  4. Sullivan

    Thank you Kelly, this is going to be a wonderful site. It has been needed for such a long time, all of the pet parents need a place to go to be able to talk about and remember their little Angels and this will be the perfect place.


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