dusty-rescue-1We’ve got a little shy guy available for adoption from Second Chance Sheltie Rescue in St. Louis, MO. that we’d love to share on Sheltie Nation!

Dusty came into rescue in late April from a hoarding situation.  Dusty’s history is not one of physical abuse, but better defined as neglect.  He is on the road to recovery.  Dusty is 3 years young, weighing in at 13 pounds, neutered, chipped, his rear dew claws have been removed and he has an awesome set of teeth. He is up to date on all vaccinations.

Dusty is described as shy, but curious.  Innocent, but mischievous.  Cautious, but eager to please.  He likes to be able to see his foster mom at all times.  He is gaining confidence daily and has a healthy appetite.  He is very alert, did extremely well during the Fourth of July fireworks and is not bothered by thunder.dusty-rescue-3

Dusty is a beautiful fawn color with a white chest and a gorgeous tail. He likes to hide toys in his crate, gather laundry, zoom around the house and is learning what it’s like to feel sunshine on his face and grass under his feet.  He is currently sharing his foster home with a senior male and he often tries to get him to play.  He does not yet know how to walk on a leash, and teaching him will require patience.  Dusty should be considered a high flight risk.  We have almost mastered the fine art of pottying outside and he will now bark when he needs to go outdoors.  He is crate trained.

We would like to see Dusty placed with another confident dog and with a family who has shy dog experience.  He is a work in progress, progressing well but will require time and effort with his forever family.  His brown eyes will steal your heart! You can view his page on our website here: Second Chance Sheltie Rescue

10 Responses to “Missouri Sheltie Rescue: Dusty”

  1. Hanne

    Absolutely wonderful eyes, on a beautiful Sheltie, there must be a nice home for Dusty very soon.!!

  2. Dana N

    We live in Texas. We currently have 2 shelties. One is 7 and we adopted him from DFW sheltie rescue. He is from a puppy mill in OK. He was shy and severely underweight when he was rescued. Our other boy is 14 months old today and we got him as a puppy and he does agility. Have had shelties for 20 plus years. If you would consider a move out of Missouri, I may be interested in adopting him.

  3. Ernestine Bowden

    Would love to have him. Live in Michigan and can not find a Sheltie to rescue.

  4. Toby Meister

    I am currently fostering Dusty and he is a gem! He has come so far in such a short period of time. I have complete confidence in this little man.

    • Jacqueline

      Is Dusty still available. ..I would love to have him. I live in Springfield area and have recently lost my precious one last year. Looking for a new sheltie to take his place in my heart.

  5. Jennifer 'Schiavone' Adams

    We adopted a shy and anxious young sheltie rescued from a neglect situation 5 years ago. It took about 2 years to build his confidence and work on his socialization, but he was so worth it. He is a tender soul who is currently sleeping with his head on my shoulder. Now we have 3 dogs, so a full house. But just wanted to share our story in case anyone was nervous about taking on little Dusty.


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