This is Cydney, our rescue Sheltie.

She is THRILLED with her Halloween costume. Dinosaur complete with caveman rider.


That is some SERIOUS stink eye, Jane!

5 Responses to “Oh, Look- Almost Time For…Costumes!”

  1. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh yes, I can just see how “thrilled” sweet little Cydney is–not! Bless her heart, and bless yours for rescuing!

  2. Rosemary James

    What a sweetheart. You gotta love them!!! I go the same stink eye from my blue merle when she wore her elf hat with ears at Christmas. Kudos for rescuing it is very rewarding.

  3. Sullivan

    THRILLED with her costume? That is sure not the way I’m reading this, as Kelly says, serious case of the stink eye. I’m thinking you better be standing by with lots of cookies, ’cause it’s going to take some serious bribing to overcome this one! Good luck Jane, I think you are going to need it! LOL!


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