Oh little Sprite, I’m not so sure about that!


She is a cutie, Ann!

9 Responses to “Pumpkin Chewy?”

  1. Marcie Muir

    Sprite is just too cute! Nomming on the pumpkin, maybe she’d like it better if it were cooked, pureed and baked into a yummy treat lol. She’s going to grow into a gorgeous Sheltie.

  2. Gloria

    Little Sprite looks like she is testing mom’s reaction to see if she will OK pumpkin stem chewing!

    Her name certainly suits her! What a cutie too!

    She certainly has the head tilt… ‘am I cute?’ look down!!!!!

    Lucky you Ann!

  3. Sullivan

    What a little doll baby. I sure hope she doesn’t get a good bite into that stem, I’m guessing that might be pretty bitter, but one the other hand, might be a good lesson learned early that we don’t get to have everything we want just because we want it!


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