I am a veterinarian at a mixed practice in Alberta, Canada . A lifetime lover of the Sheltie breed, Tally has become my office dog. Despite their energetic personalities , Shelties make excellent work companion dogs. Here is a picture of my little office dog Tally (Tallulah).


Lucky you Katarina, to have an office buddy!

5 Responses to “Official Greeter in Training”

  1. Sharon

    Lucky Tally and you too! So great you can see her throughout your day. My hubby takes our 3 to work with him once or twice a week and his co-workers love it. I think more companies should allow this, good for morale!

  2. Gloria

    What a beautiful little greeter Tally is!
    You can see she keeps her job seriously too.

    She can greet me anytime!


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