Of COURSE every Sheltie is on Santa’s NICE list! :))

Teddy hears a Christmas classic.


Such a perfect picture, Julie!

Kobe & Chester were visiting Santa to give their requests.


Cute little helpers, Margaret!

Cheyenne was super good.

cheyenne-santa-sheltieMerry Christmas, Marla!

Dakota was good as well!
dakota-santa-sheltieAnd happy holidays to you too, Lia!
With a name like Sugar, of COURSE she has been nice! :)
Photo from KC Sheltie Rescue & John

KoKo whispers to Santa that she wants a treat and a toy. ;)


Hugs for adopting such a cutie, Turita!

Happy Holidays all the Sheltie Nation!

4 Responses to “Naughty or Nice?”

  1. Gloria

    Now I know Santa will not possibly be able to resist any of these sweet faced shelties as all shelties are always nice and never naughty!

  2. Sullivan

    I know we are not supposed to play favorites, but in this instance, I have. I love little KoKo “talking” to Santa and sweetly asking for the things she has on her list.

    Merry Christmas to all of Sheltie Nation, I hope this season has been kind to you and look forward to spending the next year right back here with all of you again.


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