This Santa Claus from Norway, wish Shelties around the world, Merry Christmas!
Chip has been very kind this year, and wants most of all… lots of turkey from Santa.

Happy Holidays, Birgitte!

Simba is wondering if these are all for him? ;)

simba-sheltie-presentsPrecious, Connie!

Merlin is so happy with his toy!


LOVE this photo, Mark!

Poor little Jazper…


and same for sister Gina!

Lots of cookies right, Pam and Brian? :)

We are enjoying our first Christmas with Wally in the family. Wally is a 13 year old Sheltie whose owner passed away this summer. Scatter Creek Animal Clinic in Rochester Washington generously took him in, tuned up his health and offered him up for adoption. We were lucky enough to be the chosen home for this little eleven pound charmer.


and the gang…

Happy holidays to the whole crew, Debbie!

Hugs for adopting that cutie!

This may be too late, but I thought I’d send it just the same. Too cute not to share with Sheltie Nation.

Jenny, Simon, Tru, Jake, Sage, Blaze & Ellie.


Never too late Holly! Merry Christmas!

9 Responses to “Yummy! Leftovers!”

  1. Maida Farrar

    All of the pictures of these beautiful sweet Shelties are just adorable. I cannot imagine God giving us a sweeter dog. I am especially touched by the little Wally in Rochester, Washington at 13 years finding a new forever home and with such a darling crew of brothers and sisters to live with! God bless all the wonderful Shelties, the good people who get to live with and love them, and animals everywhere.

  2. Gloria

    What a wonderful group of shelties!

    Would love anyone of them or all of them for a Christmas visit!

    Thanks one and all for sharing your dear sheltie faces to warm our hearts!

    … And a special shout out to Wally, I was so sad to hear you lost your owner but, thrilled you found your forever home this Christmas! What a wonderful gift! Thank you Debbie for adopting this wonderful sweet senior!

    Hope everyone at Sheltie Nation had all their sheltie dreams come true!


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