shep-1Meet Shep. He would really like a home for Christmas.

It is a very sad day for his family as they have lost their jobs and their home. They realize the only fair thing to do is to allow him to go to a home that is able to care for him for the rest of his life. Let’s try to make that happen for him!

Shep is a very sweet sweet boy. He is a little over weight at 30 pounds, but he is not a big boy. He is easy going, respectful other dogs and does not mind cats. Shep is a little shy and reserved, but once he trusts he will be all yours and more, he just wants someone to love.
Please if you have room in your home and your heart let Mid-Floria Sheltie Rescue know ASAP. The rescue has so many Shelties in rescue right now that they regretfully are not able to take in another at this time.
However the rescue will assist by getting Shep fully vetted and shep-2only ask that the donation be made for the amount of the vet bill. The rescue will not ship him, but he can be picked up. If you do not have an application on file, please fill one out so they know how to get in touch with you.
If Shep isn’t the right dog for you, please check out Mid-Florida’s adoptable page. Adopting another could open up a spot for Shep in foster care.
Rescue contact info:
Email: Barbara Davis at [email protected]


8 Responses to “Mid-Florida Sheltie Rescue: Shep”

  1. Maida Farrar

    Shep dear, I am sure someone special is waiting to find you and give you a long loving life. I am in Oregon with my two rescue Shelties and we are sending our kisses to you and praying you find someone really soon. God bless you, sweet Shep.

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh sweet Shep, I know how sad it must be for you and your family! You are so handsome and sweet, I know you’ll find the perfect forever home soon! Many thanks to Sheltie Nation for sharing your story. I’ll share it too!

  3. Gloria

    Thanks for posting Kelly!

    I received this email about poor little Shep needing a home.

    So sad his family fell on hard times and Shep find himself in need of a new home.

    My prayers are that this sweet soul finds a home soon and his family has a better future in the days and years to come.

    My personal hell would be to lose my home and pets.
    I can not imagine how hard this is on them and Shep!


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