5 Responses to “That’s a Cat Tree Full of Trouble”

  1. Gregg Bender

    They were waiting for me to come back from the Post Office, of all things! They just sit and stare out the window every time one (or heaven forbid!) both of us leave the house. ;)

  2. Sullivan

    Since we are all aware of the Sheltie brain power, it was just a matter of time! This is a case of “Sheltie see, Sheltie do”, they watched the kitties long enough and decided that was a pretty good spot for what we also know is the nosiest breed on 4 legs! Trevor will figure it out momentarily and will be up there tomorrow with Max! Cute picture Nancy and Greg.

  3. Rosemary James

    Talk about the birds eye view Max has it. He looks so intent. I am sure Max will show Trevor how to climb up the tree that way he can have a buddy Where is the cat? Did he just give up on his tree?


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