12 week old Cloud.

He has no idea how gorgeous he is!


Oh my! He is adorable, Victoria!

16 Responses to “Fluffy and White”

  1. Beth

    What an adorable face!! The name is perfect because he looks puffy and fluffy like a cloud. Sweet!

  2. Gloria


    That has to be the most beautiful puppy shetlie face EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
    The expression is to die for!

    I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can see the sweetness of Cloud’s soul in those eyes!

    WHAT A COOL NAME for a blue Merle…. Very creative!

  3. Sullivan

    My goodness Victoria, did you just hear all of the gasps! This is one of the most beautiful little faces that has ever graced the Sheltie Nation and many of us are jealous! Lots of fun, fun, fun at your house!


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