Noah, you are a force to be reckoned with!


Lucky you, Ellen!

20 Responses to “I got him!”

  1. Debbie

    Thanks for starting my day right with this adorable picture!! Noah is so handsome. I hope to have another pants-leg grabbing puppy like Noah some day!

  2. Maria Mallo-Schwartz

    Awww my sheltie used to steal my hubby’s socks so he wouldn’t leave, then he stole his wallet bc she realized his socks weren’t working then one day she was like forget it and peed in his shoe. Haha. I miss my sheltie so much. We will meet again on the rainbow bridge Chasity.

  3. gloria

    OK Noah, you are cuteness personified!

    That image got a belly laugh out of me this morning!

  4. Sullivan

    Noah’s honing his herding skills! No dad, I told you to go THIS way! What a little doll baby Noah is, there sure is going to be lots of fun at your house . . . lucky, lucky you Ellen.


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