Chair hogs: Wally, Luke, Sprite, Denver
Callie & Pepsi (the Un-Sheltie)


Oh my, Debbie! Amazing they all cooperated!

21 Responses to “Where are YOU going to sit?”

  1. Maida Farrar

    How did you get all of them to do this so nicely? I am impressed! They are all gorgeous. Shelties are super-special.

  2. Hanne

    They are so cute !!!

    -I wish me definitely such a chair with the content for my birthday :-)

  3. Gloria

    OMG, Could they be any cuter? I think NOT!
    Loved that the little Pom sneaking in the shot!

    What fun it must be at your house!

  4. Sullivan

    WOW Debbie, what an amazing feat you just accomplished! I sure hope everyone of these little beauties got lots of cookies for a job well done. And little Pepsi, your “un Sheltie” is as adorable as all the Sheltie babies. What a house full of love you live in!


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