By Holly Fent, Toby’s Foster Mom and President of Maine Sheltie Rescue

rescue-sheltie-toby-1I received an email from the Kennebunk Shelter, they always contact me when they get in a Sheltie, they know they can always count on us. They said that they got in a very sad case, and wanted to know if we would take on Toby. I said YES!

Toby, is a 8 year old Sheltie, and on March 6th he was taken to the local emergency veterinary clinic after his owner suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. 11 days later Toby was found, on death’s doorstep. Initially, the vets did not think Toby would pull through, unable to stand or walk, eat, and with kidney function levels dangerously high.

Much to the surprise of those caring for Toby, he improved a little each day. On March 7th, after 5 days of around the clock care, Toby was ready to be transferred to Maine Sheltie Rescue’s veterinarian. Evidence supports that Toby had been neglected far longer than 11 days. Toby is seriously obese at 70 pounds, his coat, nails, and ears in deplorable condition. Toby has a long road ahead – the arthritis in his legs requires he have physical therapy four (4) times a day in addition to helping him stand and walk. Toby has demonstrated a will to live, and Maine Sheltie Rescue is committed to getting Toby healthy and eventually finding him a home where he will never know neglect.rescue-sheltie-toby-2

On April 2nd, after 21 days at the Vet Hospital, Toby, now weighing 64.8 pounds, walking on his own, and is now in his foster home. It’s been an amazing transformation to watch. Toby has a sweet spirit, with a strong will to live.

Please consider helping Toby make a full recovery by donating to help with Toby’s medical care. Donations made directly to Maine Sheltie Rescue are tax deductible and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

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3 Responses to “Maine Sheltie Rescue: Toby”

  1. Mimsey

    happy to contribute, and thanks so much for posting this- hope Toby soon feels better!

  2. Sullivan

    What a sweet, sweet little face and SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on whoever did this. This baby only wanted three things from his human: love, shelter and food.

    YOU GO TOBY, keep fighting the good fight and you will get your new forever home where there will more love than you will know what to do with.

    Thank you to the vet’s and workers who are making sure that Toby will have a better life. I will be calling in my donation as soon as their office opens in the morning.

    COME ON SHELTIE NATION, let’s do what we do best help this baby recover!


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