I am a 26 year old Army veteran who suffers from mental health issues and hate prescriptions. I was recommended to get a service dog. Never thought about this before but loved the idea. Then came the best thing to ever happen to me ! Miss Sadie Marie! I got her when she was just 8 weeks old. She is now 3 months and started obedience training and will then go into more advanced training to become ADA certified service dog.


Lucky you to have such a cutie, Travis!

Best of luck with the training and thank you for your service!

7 Responses to “At Your Cutie Service!”

  1. Travis

    Thank you so much for the kind words everyone! I am working with very honest people and no they aren’t selling it as “ADA certification” they are assisting in getting her ready to take the “test” for the ADA. This is my first sheltie and has been so much fun! She is such a ball of energy and love waking up to her smiling face! Even though she isn’t a service companion yet my boss is very understanding and allows her to come to work with me anyway! I am so fortunate to have her in my life.

  2. Katie Cottingham

    Thank you for your service, and congratulations on your new journey with Sadie Marie!

    Please be careful in choosing training for your dog though. There’s no such thing as “ADA certified” and anyone selling you a training program with such a title is flat out lying. ADA is actually very open to how a dog can be trained, you don’t even need a special trainer however it’s recommended by many experts today for psychiatric service dogs.

    I hope you’re working with honest people who are actively teaching you how to handle uneducated people as well as providing assistance with training and I wish you and Sadie Marie the best in your training!

  3. Ginny Church

    Thank you for your service. The love of a sheltie knows no boundaries. Good luck to both of you!

  4. Lucy and Eddie

    How wonderful! Best of luck to you and Sadie. Eddie is my sheltie , he is 2 .Thank you for serving and good luck.

  5. Maida Farrar

    I know you will be very, very happy with this little sweetheart! Shelties are the best, sweetest little things in the world! Thank you for all you have done for our country. You deserve some peace of mind now.

  6. lsmith

    Thank you for your service and good luck with your little cutie!! Animals can bring so much love and commitment to people!

  7. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my, Travis, what a cutie! And if you’ve never had a sheltie before, you’re in for a real treat! You will be loved more than you can know.


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