Poor, poor Jordie.

There should be a law against this sort of Sheltie abuse. ;)


Somehow I think he probably prefers this one to a bigger bed right, ambodavenz?:))


6 Responses to “Look Who Has A Small Bed!”

  1. John Parker

    Yes poor Jordie, keep the cookies coming or you may get a visit from the sheltie union rep ;)

  2. Caro

    Oh my – you sure that’s not my Tully. Jordie is the spitting image of Tully – right down to the widows peak, white tipped tail and the white on the side of the nose (although Tully’s white is from age). So of course I want to say – Jordie is just beautiful!

  3. Janet Dickinson

    My beloved Destiny died June 1 at 11 years of age. Jordie is the spitting image of her. If I am privileged to adopt Jordie I will make sure he has leptospirosis vaccination. I am home most of the time so have plenty of time to love and cherish Jordie, if I can adopt him. That’s what Destiny died from.
    I am 72 years old. I love dogs and have had dogs most of my life, except for 10 years when I lived in a NYC apt.
    Please tell me more about Jordie.

    • Kelly

      Hi Janet,

      Jordie is not up for adoption. His owner just sent in a fun picture to share with us all. :)

      • Janet Dickinson

        Kelly, thanks for replying. Disappointed but it was fun “seeing Destiny” again. :)


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