Caleb was abandoned and left outside for a month in January in the cold of winter when his owner moved. Neighbors didn’t call rescue until after one month. He is 3 years old and the sweetest most gentle soul! We had him DNA tested and he is also the biggest Sheltie I have ever met! (More to love!) He was meant to be with us. Our other Sheltie, Kobe, is happy to have a companion since the loss of his brother, Chester.
A great experience with rescue in honor of our Chester.


You are so lucky, Margaret.

What a sweetheart!

4 Responses to “Now One Of The Family”

  1. Nancy Berry

    Thank you for saving Caleb!!! How could someone do that to any dog? But in particular to a Sheltie as they are such soft dogs. It just boggles the mind,doesn’t it? I am so happy he is in such a good place now. I can see how content he is! Thank you for being there when he needed you the most.

  2. Maida Farrar

    Caleb looks like a very sweet Sheltie (aren’t all Shelties?). I am very happy for you and him. He looks very happy to be with you. So glad to know he found you to love and care for. I have a big Sheltie too, but I think Caleb must be even bigger. Take good care of each other.

  3. Bobbie Pyron

    Oh my gosh, how could ANYONE leave that sweet face behind, and leave him behind to suffer? Bless you many times over for giving Caleb a loving home! I have a feeling, though, you feel you’re the lucky one ??

  4. Gloria

    I will never, as long as I live, understand how anyone can abandon an animal!

    All I can say is God bless you for adopting sweet dear Caleb!
    You can just see the sweetness and gentleness in his face!


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